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Spring 2013: Volume 2, Issue 1
March 01, 2013

Bowman Banter - Luke Bowman, Beef Public Relations/Communications Coordinator

7AN328 PROSPERITY is seeing repeat use by producers. His first daughters are calving and we are finding them to have perfect udders. He can inject growth into a calf crop with the best of them, all the while keeping feet & legs perfectly composed.

7AN332 Classic has tripled his calf numbers and has convinced many that his offspring are superior. He is a BC bull who keeps BW under control and adds great growth performance and beyond that, sires some of the best-looking cattle on the planet.

7AN335 Hemisphere is a sleeper in the lineup--his progeny are good! He has 251 at 100 for BW, 255 at 101 for WW and 73 at 104 for YW along with incredible ratios of 109 and 103 for %IMF and Ribeye, respectively. He’s moved from +76 to over +100 for $B in the past year and customers rave about his progeny. They grow like crazy, are truly thick and disposition is as good as it gets.

7AN334 UPSIDE He’s back with a vengeance! This Upward son sports 106 at 99 for BW, 108 at 102 for WW and 22 at 103 for YW. He is one of the best Upward sons available in AI in terms of visual muscle, soundness and docility and he displays a $W over +40 and $B over +95 - there’s plenty of Upside here!

7AN313 TWENTY/TWENTY has doubled his progeny numbers since last year. He’s become renowned as the greatest phenotypic In Focus son in captivity! This bull will be a calving ease rock star before it’s all said and done. They’re attractive, born easy and they really grow. Plus his marbling is high.

7AN368 COMRADE was the early pick of the 2012 Connealy Angus sale. He is out of one of the preferred young cows at Connealy’s; she moderate in stature, deep sided, big middle and has a super nice udder. Being out of the ever popular 7229, this bull has stayed perfect in size as he has matured, and he is really think when viewed from behind. He is going to have a great 2013.

7AN303 NEW DAY 454 Looking for a true cowmaker but don’t want to sacrifice growth or carcass traits? You need to consider this bull. As his daughters get into production, ranchers across America love this bull! With his combination of YW, REA, $B and Mature Height, there aren’t many like NEW DAY 454 and that’s why he has lead off our sire directory the last three years.

7AN370 SIGNATURE has gained incredible popularity throughout the industry; possibly the most promising outcross Angus sire in quite some time. With the latest genomic adjustments, this superstar jumped through all the hoops to prove that he has bright future. Very moderate in stature and explosive with muscle shape, this bull has incredible projections for scale crushing growth and outstanding carcass yield and merit while keeping BW in check.

Spring 2012: Volume 1, Issue 1
May 01, 2012

It is hard to believe that spring is almost here when we haven’t really had a typical Wisconsin winter. No matter what the weather, calving season is in full swing for many and rapidly approaching for others.

As the new year progresses, we have lots to be thankful for. We have continued to diversify our Beef lineups and continue to have strength where we always have.


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