Health Monitoring

SCR's Heatime® system for health monitoring and heat detection provides you with a complete 24/7 animal monitoring solution.

  • Detect health problems before a drop in milk production
  • Track the effect of ration changes
  • Identify cows that are off feed

Select Sires Adds Heatime® to its Select Reproductive Solutions Portfolio


Heat Detection, Health, Rumination, and Eating

This all-in-one tool allows you to monitor your cows 24/7 for more than just heat detection. Find sick cows fast by monitoring eating time and rumination, as well.


Reliable heat detection

Provides insight into cows' cycle and optimal time for insesmination

Ensures lower A.I. costs, higher pregnancy rates, optimal age at calving, and short intervals between calving.


Early and reliable detection of cow ailments such as mastitis, E. coli, uterine infections, hardware disease, displaced abomasum, diarrhea, etc.

Provides insight into substandard-cow behavior and ear temperature; an exceptional tool during the recovery of sick cows

Less health issues, reduced use of antibiotics, ensures less preocution loss and lowers labor


Reliable measurement of the number of minutes spent eating, grazing, and ruminating

Provides insight into eating behavior of individual cows, management groups, and the entire herd

Provides a perfect assessment of the right ration as well as an excellent tool to monitor cows in the transition period

Provides opportunity for feeding adjustments to achieve optimum feed efficiency resulting in more milk per cow


The SensOor

The SensOor is a computer microchip that's combined with the cow's ear tag.

Revolutionary ear-tag technology

Easy installation -- plug and play

Solid state equipment with five-year warranty