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O MAN Sells A Million Units of Semen
August 17th 2009

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, Aug. 15, 2009 — Select Sires is proud to announce sales from the genetic giant 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET (EX-94) to members and international markets has surpassed the one million unit mark. To date, a total of 1,000,646 units of O MAN semen has sold throughout the globe! At 11-years-old, O MAN becomes the fifth sire in Select Sires’ federation history to achieve this million-unit mark, preceded by 7HO5708 Fustead Emory BLITZ-ET in 2006, 7HO4213 Robthom INTEGRITY-ET in 2001, 7HO3707 Paradise-R Cleitus MATHIE*CV in 2000 and 7HO1236 Fisher-Place MANDINGO-Twin in 1992.

            Joining Select Sires’ proven lineup in May of 2003, O MAN started his active-A.I. career as the breed’s best for TPI and held that prestigious spot for three years. A graduate of the Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™), O MAN debuted at 90 percent reliability. He remains among Holstein’s Top-10 TPI sires today at an impressive +2030GTPI-M™. Bred by Gary, Gaylon and Steve Obert, Dakota, Ill., this Excellent Ha-Ho Cubby Manfred-ET son is out of an Excellent (92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) 7HO2236 Emprise Bell ELTON daughter, Meier-Meadows El Jezebel-ET. Jezebel has proven herself an outstanding transmitter, returning nine of 12 sons to active-A.I. “O MAN led the way,” Gaylon Obert said. “It was always my goal, since I was out of high school, to breed a No. 1 bull, and now we can say goal accomplished.” Gaylon, along with his two brothers, are extremely proud of having bred a bull who has made such an incredible impact on the breed. “As commercial dairymen, we are thankful we could provide the high health-trait genetics to dairymen around the world,” he said. “We also have three high-genomic O MAN sons that are higher than O MAN for Net Merit and TPI. We’re excited about the future.”  Jezebel has established a powerful cow family, with granddaughters and great-granddaughters who have produced several noteworthy sires. All in all, the Oberts have sold more than 250 bulls to A.I., 28 of which have graduated to an active lineup.             O MAN has been successful for so many producers because his daughters produce volumes of high-component milk, calve easily, breed back quickly and have great feet and legs and strength to compete well in large, challenging herd environments. “O MAN sires the true type model cow for the commercial dairymen,” said Charlie Will, manager Holstein sire program for Select Sires. “He came along at just the right time in history, just when Holstein breeders were looking to reduce calving difficulty and improve cow fertility in their herds. I have heard from one dairyman milking more than 300 O MAN daughters who said they were the most profitable daughters of any bull he has ever used.”            O MAN led the Holstein breed for Net Merit Dollars for more than five years. With the April 2009 summaries, he holds the No. 2 spot at +773NM$ in a tie with 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET. “What O MAN has accomplished is simply unheard of in today’s ever-improving Holstein breed,” said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. “For a bull to lead the breed in any trait for this amount of time is unprecedented and he does it with high reliability. It’s an amazing achievement and a testament to Select’s dedication to enhance the productivity and profitability of dairy producers.”The Future Looks Bright“O MAN is leaving a legacy as the sire to turn to for elite health traits, breed-leading Net Merit, extreme calving ease and outstanding components and now his sons and grandson are carrying on in that same tradition,” said Crosser. “And look for O MAN sons to be available with gender SELECTed™ semen very soon.” Since January of 2009, Select Sires has graduated six O MAN sons and a grandson into active-A.I. All exhibit the same outstanding fitness traits that O MAN is known for but each brings a unique offering to the table. 7HO8559 Macomber O-Man BOGART is a well-balanced bull offering great udders (+2.32UDC) and feet and legs (+2.80FLC). He earns the HealthMark™ and Herdlife Builder™ designations and high components (+.06%P and +.14%F).

O MAN sons 7HO8534 Welcome O PENNY-ET (+483NM$, 6%CE) and 7HO8530 Ladys-Manor O AUTUMN-ET (+523NM$, 6%CE) carry on the tradition of their sire as Net Merit specialists with calving ease. 7HO8659 Glen-D-Haven Oman SILVA-ET hails from a cow family known for high protein production with strong front ends and sound feet and legs. A Superior Settler™, SILVA spells milk production at +2,141 Milk and offers 5% Calving Ease.

7HO8625 Mr Schultz Oman BUTCH-ET also continues the legacy of elite Calving Ease at 5%. BUTCH improves the bottom line at +$600 Net Merit with elite components (.09%F and +.11%P). With +60P, BUTCH stands among Select’s finest and even tops his sire. Not surprising from an O MAN son, BUTCH also transmits longevity as a Herdlife Builder with +3.3 Productive Life.

Former Super Sampler™ 7HO8612 Art-Acres Just BOB 988-ET is the result of the successful O MAN x 7HO5375 Mara-Thon BW MARSHALL-ET combination. Another high-TPI sire at +1900, BOB also offers strong Milk yield (+1,550) and positive components (+.08%F and +.06%P). Additionally, BOB ranks among the top-10 at Select for both pounds of Protein (+61) and pounds of Fat (+79), improves feet and legs (+2.57 FLC) and offers 6% Calving Ease.The first O MAN grandson to enter active-A.I., 7HO8553 Charlesdale ASTROLGER-ET, is out of one of O MAN’s best first-crop daughters, Charlesdale Sweet Star (VG-85-DOM). ASTROLGER offers a rare combination of high production (+1665Milk) and high Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+1.5DPR), and at +1975GTPI he ranks among Holstein’s Top-20 for TPI.Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

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