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Select Sires Adds a Dynamic Dozen New Graduates
August 26th 2009



PLAIN CITY, Ohio, Aug. 19, 2009Upon release of the August 2009 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates 12 new Holstein sires into active-A.I. The improved lineup includes five new sons of the popular sire father 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET and more sires that provide solutions with their elite, balanced genetics. In addition, Select Sires released two new Showcase Selections™ bulls that are sure to make an impact on the colored shavings.

 “O MAN recently attained another legendary milestone with his one millionth unit of semen sold,” said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. “His positive impact on the breed is even further solidified with five new outstanding sons that graduated into our active lineup. In addition, this group of new graduates includes sires that excel in calving ease, TPI™, fitness traits, production and more.”

7HO8747 End-Road O-Man BRONCO-ET (EX-92) is an exciting new O MAN son that will rank among the top-five in the breed for GTPI at +2072. BRONCO is Select’s highest O MAN son for Type at +2.58. Carrying the new FeedPRO™ designation, he transmits the traits that research shows lead to improved income over feed cost. He also offers elite Net Merit (+$635), ranking among the top-five at Select Sires. Already being used as a sire of sons, BRONCO improves Milk yield (+2,020) and strengthens health traits as a HealthMark™ sire. A calving-ease sire (5%) with gender SELECTed™ semen available, BRONCO is a great option for use on heifers.

More O MAN Sons

7HO8661 Larcrest COURAGE-ET (EX-92) is an extreme components specialist (+.20%F and +.04%P) that also adds a shot of Milk (+1,034) to his daughters. Backed by two generations of Excellent dams with 40,000 pounds of milk, COURAGE has also earned the FeedPRO and calving-ease identifications.  

A HealthMark sire with calving ease (5%), 7HO8662 Pine-Shelter O LARIAT-ET (EX-90) is an O MAN son that is over +2.00 for Type, UDC and FLC. He is out of a sensational cow family, highlighted by the grandam, Pine-Shelter Lucina Fargo (EX-95-3E-EX-MS-DOM). For the components markets, LARIAT is +.18%F and +.05%P. At +1819 GTPI, his daughters last in the herd at +3.7 Productive Life.

7HO8715 Windsor-Manor Z OFFICER-ET (EX-92) is an O MAN out of the world-renowned Windsor-Manor Rud Zip (EX-95-3E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM). With several special designations, including Herdlife Builder™, FeedPRO, calving ease and HealthMark, OFFICER makes trouble-free, long-lasting and profitable cows that work well in many environments. He also improves components (+.17%F and +.10%P) and is a breed leader for fitness traits (+2.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate and +3.8 PL).

It’s no secret that 7HO8744 Gross-Farm O-Man SECRET-ET is an elite Net Merit sire at +$609, with +$648 Cheese Merit. In addition, he is a HealthMark and FeedPRO sire with calving ease (5%). He makes moderate-statured cows (+1.0) with strength (+1.85) and improved components (+.14%F and +.07%P).

Genetic Solutions for Today’s Needs

New release 7HO8777 De-Su Finley GENERAL-ET (EX-93) is an Opsal Finley-ET son out of a 7HO5375 Mara-Thon BW MARSHALL-ET daughter with more than 42,000 pounds of milk. The No. 2 sire at Select Sires for Udder Composite at +3.43, GENERAL daughters will please the most discriminating breeder at +3.19 Type. As a Herdlife Builder, GENERAL transmits traits that improve longevity.

7HO8856 Ri-Val-Re-2338 NIAGRA-ET is a mega-milk sire (+2,399 Milk) with outstanding type (+3.00 Type) and +3.6 Sire Conception Rate. An End-Road PVF Boliver-ET son, he is Select’s top sire for Protein (+77P), in a tie with 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET. And, he is being used as a sire of sons at Select. At +2041 GTPI, NIAGRA is below breed average for calving ease (7%) and carries the FeedPRO designation.

Backed by a unique sire stack and milky cow family, 7HO8778 Morningview ALLSTAR-ET is a solid milk bull (+1,563M) with a low Somatic Cell Score (2.57). His high-quality semen grants him the Superior Settler™ designation and he is calving ease (7%). ALLSTAR looks to be a customer-satisfaction type specialist at +2.95 Type, +2.83 UDC and +2.55 FLC.

A HealthMark sire with a balance for solid production and type, 7HO9016 Canyon-Breeze Ito APOLLO-ET (EX-90) is one of the breed’s best Barbee-M Juror Ito-ET sons. He excels for fitness traits (+3.1 PL, +1.1 DPR and 2.92 SCS) and is backed by an extraordinary cow family, including his dam, Canyon Breeze Em Ashley-ET (EX-94-3E-EX-MS-DOM), a daughter of 7HO3948 MJR Blackstar EMORY-ET.

7HO8704 Honeycrest SOLUTION-ET is a true outcross sire. Sired by Lancelot and out of an Excellent (92-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) Juniper Secret Ohio-ET daughter, he excels in type (+2.25 Type, +2.26 FLC and +1.69 UDC) with +1803 GTPI. His daughters are moderate in size with a steep foot angle and good mobility – SOLUTION is a modern bull that is a great match for most Select Sires’ bloodlines.

New Showcase Selections Releases            Full brothers 7HO8738 Scientific SS DEUCE-ET*RC (EX-90) and 7HO8743 Scientific SS DUSK-ET*RC will make the fancy kind. Sired by Pursuit September Storm-ET, their dam is the world-renowned Scientific Debutante Rae-ET (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM). This 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM-ET*CV daughter was the reserve grand champion cow at World Dairy Expo and All-American 4-year-old in 2005, and traces back to the Excellent (97) Roxy family. SS DEUCE was a popular Super Sampler™, now with 492 daughters in 316 herds for his production summary and 145 classified daughters in his Type proof (+3.00 Type, +3.37 FLC and +2.48 UDC). He is a HealthMark sire with excellent fitness traits and +3.7 SCR. SS DEUCE is available with gender SELECTed semen. DUSK, a Superior Settler, is a fancy bull, already scored Excellent (94). With show-ring type (+3.80 Type, +3.18 UDC and +3.33 FLC), he adds more strength than his sire and is a leading Red Carrier bull at +1778 GTPI-M. Sampled through the Program for Genetic Advancement Canada™ (PGAC™), DUSK already boasts 136 classified daughters and ranks among the top-40 for LPI in Canada.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

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