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Select Sires Daughters Stand Out at WI Championship Show
July 18th 2011

Waupun, WI: The Wisconsin Championship Show was held July 11-12 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Serving as the judge was Adam Liddle of New York. Bulls from Select Sires sired 22 animals placing in the top five of their classes.


Sired by 7HO5157 Durham, Senior and Grand Champion of the Junior show was Raggi Durham Tobi-ET, 1st 4-year-old.  She was exhibited by Kyle Natzke of Fond du Lac.


Other top five ranking Select Sires daughters are listed below:

Spring Calves with Exhibitor Age 10 and under

1.       Siemers Atwood Tanasbabe-ET exhibited by Siemers Holsteins, Newton (7HO10506 Atwood)

4.    Deervue-Acres Jamaica exhibited by Sarah Henschel, Elkhart Lake (7HO8221 Alexander)

Spring Heifer Calves

1.       Gildale Advent Diva exhibited by Mark & Erik Gilbertson, Hollandale (7H7872 Advent)

2.       Siemers Atwood Tanasbabe-ET exhibited by Siemers Holsteins, Newton (7HO10506 Atwood)

5.    Quad-R Atwood Esme-ET exhibited by Tanya & Ryan Smith, Monticello (7HO10506 Atwood)

Fall Heifer Calves

2.   Crave Dusk Penny exhibited by Roseanne Crave, Waterloo (7HO8743 Dusk)

Summer Yearling s

      1.      Budjon-JK Snchz Blizzard-ET exhibited by Mell & Sabo, Green Bay (7HO8190 Sanchez)

      3.      MilkSource Durham Adalyn-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna (7HO5157 Durham)

Fall Yearlings

1.       Vande Debonair Yahtzee-Red exhibited by Shawon Vande Zande, Waupun (7HO9552 Debonair)

2.       Ms Duckett Durham Beauty-ET exhibited by Cal DeWitt, Clinton (7HO5157 Durham)

3.       Westphalia Lightning Rush exhibited by Cara Biely, Reedsville (7HO8368 Lightning)

Junior Two Year Old

1.       Fischerdale Damion Reality exhibited by Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona (7H7004 Damion)

Senior Two Year Old

       3.    MilkSource Damion Bouncy-ET exhibited by MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna (7H7004 Damion)

Junior Three Year Old

3.    Westphalia Damion Roselady exhibited by Charles Westphal, Byron (7H7004 Damion)

5.    Paulsoncrest Advent Joanzi exhibited by Brian Paulson, Columbus (7H7872 Advent)

Senior Three Year Old

       3.     Oakvale Advent Cinnabar-ET exhibited by MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna (7H7872 Advent)

 Four Year Old

       3.     Raggi Durham Tobi-ET exhibited by Siemers Holsteins, Newton (7HO5157 Durham)

Five Year Old

2.       Scientific Lipstick Rae-ET exhibited by Matt and Mandy Nunes, Chippewa Falls (7HO5157 Durham)

Aged Cow

1.       Stone-Front Advent Laverne exhibited by Duckett and Nodolf, Rudolph (7H7872 Advent)

3.     Marks Ally Durham Africa-ET exhibited by Miranda and Nifong, Orfordville (7HO5157 Durham)

125,000 Lb. Cow

1.       Oakvale Durham Echo exhibited by Mike and Julie Duckett, Rudolph (7HO5157 Durham)

4.     Rhineland Durham Amy-ET exhibited by Danhof and Cull, Lomira (7HO5157 Durham)

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