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East Central/Select Sires Recognizes Carl Werner with the Pioneer Award
August 21st 2012

East Central/Select Sires Recognizes Carl Werner with the Pioneer Award


Carl Werner of Beaver Dam has been selected to receive East Central/Select Sires most prestigious award, the Pioneer Award. The Werner’s have been loyal customers of East Central/Select Sires for nearly 50 years and will be having a complete dispersal sale in September.

“Carl is a very deserving recipient for this award,” said Al Deming, EC/SS General Manager. “He has been a member of EC/SS for 48 years, served as a delegate for 40 years and has allowed thousands of people to tour his farm, which aided in the sales of not only EC/SS semen, but around the world.”


Car-Bon Farm is home to 45 registered Holsteins. They breed for type with an emphasis on udder and have a BAA of 110.5. In addition, they own 148 acres and utilize about 78 acres for their intensive grazing program. Carl and Bonnie Werner have built a beautiful herd of cattle and ES/SS’s is grateful for them opening their doors for tours throughout the years.


East Central has had a great relationship with the Werner’s. “Over all the years, I can’t say I have ever had one complaint,” said Carl Werner adding that they couldn’t have created the herd they have today without the semen that EC/SS provides.


The membership and staff of EC/SS would like to congratulate him and thank him for his time and dedication to the cooperative.


East Central/Select Sires is a professional, artificial breeding cooperative serving dairy and livestock producers in southern Wisconsin.  As a member-owner of Select Sires located near Plain City, Ohio, East Central helps make up the largest Artificial Insemination (A.I.) cooperative in the world.  They provide highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying livestock breeders with America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.




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