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Boatman Perform 150,000th First Services
July 31st 2013

On July 31, 2013, we celebrated the 150,000 first-service cow milestone for Bob Boatman of Darlington.  Praireland Dairy, owned by Jim, Mark and Chuck Fahey of Belleville, Wisconsin is where this distinctive event occurred.


"Thank you, to everyone, for all the support throughout the years, I truly enjoy working for this great organization," Boatman said.

The farms and producers that have worked with Boatman throughout his 30 years with EC/SS continue to look to him for his strong commitment to providing perfection for the customer. 

While at Prairieland Dairy, Jim shared that, "Bob is so easy going and goes above and beyond!  We are very proud of the herd we have and we credit a lot of that to Bob for the time and attention he takes in making our herd the best it can be."

Chuck and Mark shared similar sentiments for Boatman, "He is a part of our family, works hard for us and our herd would not be the same without Bob."

When presented with his plaque, General Manager of EC/SS, Al Deming shared that, "Bob is a leader in our organization, and he is a mentor and a great part of the entire EC/SS family."

Also in attendance to celebrate this momentous occasion were several members of the EC/SS staff and Bob’s wife, Ellen, his children and grandchildren.

"I am so proud of Bob, he has worked so hard for our family…I am very thankful for him," Ellen said.

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