Programs/Services - Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™)

Select Sires has always had a deep-seated commitment to your future. Offering the largest nation-wide sire sampling system in A.I., the Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™), Select Sires has and will continue to provide reliable, superior genetics to meet your breeding goals.

Many of the dairy industry’s most influential sires have emerged as graduates of the PGA. Names such as 7HO980 MARK, 7HO1897 BLACKSTAR, 7HO543 BELL, 7HO191 WAYNE, 7HO3948 EMORY, 7HO5157 DURHAM and 7HO5375 BW MARSHALL are household names when discussions center on impact sires in each breed. Modern-day sires of the same caliber include: 7HO5708 BLITZ, 7HO6417 O MAN, 7HO6682 MARMAX*RC, 7HO6758 MR SAM, 7HO6782 ZENITH and 7HO7004 DAMION.

Obviously not every bull sampled through Select's PGA graduate; only the most elite are offered as proven sires. In 2007, Select Sires sampled more than 330 highly selected Holstein bulls through the PGA. More than 3,600 herds and 1.1 million cows across the United States participated in the sampling process. As a result over 424,000 units of semen were distributed to facilitate a fair distribution across management styles ensuring accurate and reliable proofs on sires. Select Sires’ across country distribution, along with volume means dairy producers can trust that Select Sires’ semen will continue to provide reliable genetic superiority for years to come.

Today, as dairy producers around the world reach into their tanks for straws with a code of 7 or 9, they have confidence they are getting genetically superior, highly fertile semen that will result in offspring they'll be happy milking - time and time again. History and current sire usage show the facts: Select-sired genetics have influenced the Holstein breed more positively than the genetics of any other A.I. organization.