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Peak performance calls for Royal Flush on your flush cows

Picture of Royal Flush(TM) ProductFlush cows are the cream of the crop in your herd, and they deserve high-octane, premium-performance care. Royal Flush is a nutritional supplement for cattle during embryo-transfer protocols and is designed as a nutritional support when trying to maximize yields of viable embryos from uterine flush protocols.

Royal Flush contains high levels of vitamins, beta carotene, kelp as a source of over 60 trace minerals and vitamins, and highly available chelated trace minerals for better reproductive function. For best results, feed it to your flush cows a minimum of 60 days before flushing.

Available ONLY through East Central/Select Sires: call 1.800.288.7473

APPLICATION / FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Top dress, mix in grains or total ration at the following rates starting 60 days before uterine flush.

Dairy cattle: 2-1/2 oz./cow/day (2 level scoops); Beef cattle: 1-1/2 oz./cow/day (1 heaping scoop)

PACKAGING: 12-pound (5.45 kg) pouch

PRICE: $78 plus shipping and handling


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Royal Flush is a trademark of Bio-Vet, Inc., Blue Mounds,WI.